FileIce Forum Rules

FileIce Forum Rules

1) You may only have one account registered on the forum.
2) Harrassing other members, using excessively explicit language, or flaming other members is prohibited.
3) Promoting other websites similar in nature to FileIce is prohibited.
4) Promoting or posting your FileIce download links in the forum is prohibited.
5) Discussing content in the forum that is disallowed on FileIce, such as adult content or copyrighted material is prohibited.
6) Offensive usernames, avatars, and explicit images are prohibited.
7) Do not double post or cross post.
8) Do not make useless or low quality posts.
9) Respect our staff members and their decisions.
10) Do not attempt to bypass the minimum post character count or other posting requirements.

Violating any of these rules will result in anything from a warning to a permanent ban, based upon the severity of the infraction.

FileIce Staff Contact Addresses - General & Payment Support - Advanced Support - Ban Appeals & Technical Support

Please note: In most cases, opening a support ticket on the FileIce main site will ensure the quickest support.