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Detailed guide on our payment schedules

PostPosted: July 15th, 2011, 5:05 am
by Opc44
FileIce pays its users on a net15/net7 basis.

What is Net15 and how does it work on FileIce?
All earnings generated during this month will be approved on the first of the next month. After approval, you can visit the payouts page in order to request a payout (provided you reach the minimum payout amount, which at this moment is $50). Once your payout is requested, you will receive your money on the 15th of that month. (i.e. it takes 15 days after the end of a particular month, or "earning period" to get paid).

If you earn $500 during January, you will have your $500 approved on the first of February. This $500 is now requestable, and after submitting a payout request, you will receive the $500 (earnings generated during January) on the 15th of February.

For even more information on payment schedules, please see our payouts information page on your FileIce dashboard.