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Does FileIce shave clicks?

PostPosted: March 9th, 2015, 5:37 am
by Opc44
In the interest of maintaining accurate EPCs to optimize offers and report correct statistics, we implement a number of methods to filter out fraudulent and botted clicks. Most prominently, only 1 click per file/IP/offer is counted every 24 hours, while high risk clicks (eg from proxies) are discounted. Clicks from legitimate traffic are never shaved or scrubbed out, and are reported live as it is.

If you are seeing a wide discrepancy between analytics reported by a 3rd party vs stats recorded on FI, we recommend you create a support ticket and bring the attention to our issue as there might be a problem with your traffic.

Please keep in mind however, that there is a natural drop in traffic between users clicking on the download link, and users actually going through and clicking on an offer. This "click through rate" can be anywhere between 50% to 100% for most natural traffic.