First Month [$200]

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PostPosted: March 31st, 2014, 10:51 pm
Hello, here's my first month in fileice :)



thanks to jahangirantonio
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Congrats! Looks good for a first month already!
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Quite good earnings for the first month. What method do you use? YouTube, Blogs, SEO

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amazing progress buddy, now try to improve it further more
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That's what you get for being under my refferal program :)
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thank you for that ebook bro, i already made 100$ by using your ebook!
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hohohoho, amazingg!!!! my first month was 2-3$ , but youre 100x better!

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First $200 ? :O I havent uploaded anything yet, but i hope it will be good :)
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Really it's a splendid start !!!congrats!!! and good luck :)

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For the first month, it's a very good accomplishment! Keep it up


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