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gotcha :D but how i can share my files easily to other countries? Because my files get downloaded almost just from germany, and i get just 0.15$/0.20$ per download. Any tips?

Thanks in advice :)
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Too bad 5 DE leads = $1 :X All other n/w pay avg. $5-15 for DE leads :(

FileIce Management & Accounting
FileIce Management & Accounting
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kannanunny101ice wrote:Too bad 5 DE leads = $1 :X All other n/w pay avg. $5-15 for DE leads :(

Too bad those other networks' $5-$15 don't convert very well.

Our highest paying DE offer is $1.45, but converts much more often than the higher paying leads.

If you'd like to discuss these offers EPC-wise, and you think that there's offers out there that could be potentially beneficial for serious discussion, shoot me a PM. We can obtain any offer from any network.

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