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I started off with PPD 2 months ago, so far i got my first 200$ and I'm happy about it!! FileIce is a great community and I already got my first payment. I kinda dont see much activity on this forum but I am reading it daily. It's great to see people sucessing in their business. I come from the same country of one legendary earner here Bok1ca. I dont know if he works fileice anymore but I would really like to meet him and other legendary earners. If you guys work together or chat on facebook/skype or whatever I'd like to teach more stuff and also help some people to start with PPD. So far I have learned that you just need your mind and creativity to make people download your stuff. Your videos, blogs, websites just have to look realistic and so fu*king promising. Make people believe in your stuff and you'll get money from it. I'm currently working on 2 niches and they're for people that need help with some tech and they're struggling to have some files to fix their devices...

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That's great i remember my first 200$ keep that good work and scale it up bro.

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alex post ur skype id plz..... looking forward to talk

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Congrats man :)

If you like further advice, a tip would be to expand.
If your putting 30 mins a day on that website, invest another 30 mins on another website.
Then thats double your earnings :P (not accurate -> just a boost depending on niche).

Well done and good luck with future earnings :D

I too wish this forum was more popular.

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what strategy do you use for promotion? SEO, Facebook, Youtube, etc

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Congrats with your earnings! :)


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Where do you promote your file?

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